Bridging Finance


What is Bridging Finance?

Simply put, Bridging Finance is for when funding is required quickly for a short period. Bridging finance is designed to “bridge” a gap in funding, usually between 1 month and 1 year. Types of scenarios where a bridging loan would be suitable would be, an uninhabitable property, structural work is required, auction purchase or purchasing a new home prior to selling your own. There must be a plan of how you intend to repay the short-term loan, known as an exit. An exit strategy could be the sale of the security property, re-finance to a mainstream lender when works are complete or the sale of that property.

The bridging market has become somewhat saturated, with many lenders now active in the marketplace. Whilst competition sees some extremely attractive rates being offered, it can lead to confusion. CPF has experience in the short term funding market and are on hand to find the right solution for you.

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