International Mortgages case studies

International Mortgages case studies

Case study One

Mr F is an American citizen and resides in New York. He wanted to buy a holiday home in London for him and his wife to live in when they are visiting the UK. He is employed full time and is paid in US Dollars. We were able to secure him a 2 year fixed rate mortgage at 70% loan to value with an interest rate of 2.19%, through an international bank.

Case study Two

Mr & Mrs P live and work in Dubai and both hold UAE passports. They wanted to purchase 2 investment properties in London through a limited company. They both had complex income structures, which many banks would not understand. We secured them a mortgage through a private international bank, who understood their income structure and offered them a 5 year interest only tracker mortgage, with a margin of 2.25% above 3 month LIBOR.

Case study Three

Mrs N lives and works in Singapore and holds a Republic of Singapore passport. Mrs N is a property investor and has many properties around the world, including London. She wished to expand her portfolio in London, but first needed to extract some capital from her current portfolio, in order to purchase additional properties. We secured Mrs N a 5 year fixed rate mortgage across her London portfolio at a rate of 3.89%, allowing her to buy an additional 4 properties at the same rate.

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