About Connaught Private Finance

At CPF, we specialise in real estate financing. Whether you are buying your first property, your 10th buy to let, a holiday home, need development, commercial or short term finance, CPF will provide the right funding solutions to make those dreams a reality. CPF will aim to finance and insure any property and we can even arrange cover to protect you and your family against any unforeseen circumstances.

Affordability criteria has tightened over the last few years, and as such, many lenders are put off by clients who do not have a ‘vanilla’ income structure. For example, being self-employed, wishing to use bonus/commission income or foreign income. CPF have succeeded where other brokers have failed.

Whatever your property financing requirements, we have an experienced team in place dedicated to finding the best and most suitable solution.

Yes. Depending on where your income is derived, we have funding solutions for most currencies.

Yes. Being self employed or having a complex income structure, tends to have a bit of a stigma attached to it and most clients think they are unable to secure a mortgage. We have relationships with all major banks & building societies, private banks, wealth funds, so we have a lot of resources to call upon for complex cases.

Yes. Most lenders will accept the new employment contract and work off your new salary, as long as it’s in a similar industry.

Yes. We have relationships with international banks who will lend to international clients wishing to buy property in the UK, for both residential or investment purposes.